Loire Valley Castles

There are so many castles in the Loire Valley it is difficult to distinguish the different eras. Today a hundred castles of the Loire Valley are open to the public.

Châteaux de la Loire - Fleur de Lys In the Roman era, castles consist primarily of a square or rectangular tower, modeled on Construction iron wood once. From the thirteenth century, the Dungeon loses its importance and sometimes even disappear. It is from this point that we see the first buildings of speakers, with guard towers and parapets. We also note the appearance of the first portcullis and battlements and ditches protecting pregnant. Chinon example (about fifty miles of Augers), is a perfect example and many towers are preserved. The dungeon of Loches is also worth visiting for its great preservation.

The castles of the Loire Valley are changing dramatically with the end of the Hundred Years War (1453) and affection are the kings of France in the Loire Valley. They always are symbols of strength and power, but are more decorative. Inside the castle, planning takes into account the comfort: the house is bigger, as the windows to let in more light, it creates new parts. A striking example of this development is that of the Château de Langeais, who has maintained a strong military appearance, but surprisingly inside a dedicated residential comfort and pleasure gardens. Unquestionably a castle to visit. The Amboise is another example of this trend towards residential. You can also visit the famous castle of Chaumont sur Loire with a built in several stages, the original feudal map (square, with towers) is then strongly influenced by the Renaissance (see the unique staircase) or of considerations approval (opening of the Loire will be done in the eighteenth century, 300 years after the beginning of construction!).

From the sixteenth century, concern for the well being permanently premium on defensive character. Castles leave the hills to settle in the valleys, gardens are becoming more important, water is fully integrated as a component of harmony, roofs become very acute, it priviligie elegance and harmony . Chenonceau Castle, with a symmetrical composition reflects an Italian influence with decorations inspired Italian antiques.